Game: Follow The Leader
(Detail from Brueghel's Painting)

This is another very ancient game that is still played today on city streets, in public parks and playgrounds, and in rural areas. No one knows how old this game is; it probably predates ancient Greece and Rome, and might have had some ancient Egyptian ritual signicance in the dim past.

Follow The Leader

How The Game Is Played

Any Number can play. Someone is chosen as the leader. Players form a line and try to duplicate the movements of the leader.

The leader may lead the players in a line or just stand still and only move arms and legs. The leader might do both at the same time. Sometimes the leader might do something quite difficult such as climbing or engaging in some physical feat.

The leader attemps to force players to drop out of the game by quickly changing movements and speeding up or slowing down. The player who can’t “follow the leader” must drop out of the game!

Last update February 9, 2010