Young Folk At Play (Children's Games)

To see details about a game - Put the Mouse Cursor over the painting. Do not click a mouse button, but move the cursor around the painting. When the "pointer" changes to a "hand" and you receive the name of a game in a small "window", then you may CLICK on that spot in the painting to see an enlaged detail of that area of the painting with an explation of the game pictured. This approach enables you to see where in the painting the artist located the game.

Or as an alternative, you can click on the name of a game in the matrix below the graphic. You will also be taken to an enlaged detail of the area of the painting with an explation of the game, but you will not be able to see where in the painting the game is pictured.

Map of Painting Knuckle Bones Wrestling Hoop Game Johnny On A Pony Dwyle Flunking Heavy Heavy Mumblety-peg Blind Man's Buff Odss & Evens Tug Of War Leap Frog Running The Gauntlet King Of The Hill Tilting At Windwheels Battling Tops Bowls Loggats Marble Game Span Counter Crack The Whip Follow The Leader Baste The Bear Outdoor Bowling Who Will Be My True Love Get The Hat Teetotum Bounce The Sack Tipcats Walk The Kettle Carry My Lady

While there are some 80 activities depicted in the painting, only the following games are explained at this time.

Baste The Bear Dwyle Flunking Leap Frog Teetotum
Battling Tops Follow The Leader Loggats Tilting Windwheels
Beat The Kettle Get The Hat Marble Game Tipcat
Blind Man's Buff Heavy Heavy Mumblety-peg Touch Tag
Bounce The Sack Hoop Game Odds and Evens Tug of War
Bowls Johnny On A Pony Outdoor Bowls Walk The Kettle
Carry My Lady King Of The Hill Running The Gauntlet Who Is To Be My Love
Crack The Whip Knuckle Bones Span Counter Wrestling

Some of the detailed graphics and information about the games on the individual game Webpages were derived from Paul Portmann, Children's Games by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, 1964, LC: ND673.B73P613. Other sources were used for information about some of the games.

Last update February 7, 2010