Spreta (Achikunda)

Meredith G. Sanderson, Medical Officer, Nyasaland

Journal of the Royal Anthropological Insitute
London, 43, 1913, pages 726-736

[Note:The definitions are the same as for the game of Bau.]

[Page 736] One man in every hole of both rows, except the right-hand end hole of the front row, which is empty, and the third hole from the left in the front row, which contains two. The hole containing two must be spread first. Men are moved and taken as in Msuwa.

Sute (Achikunda)

As in above games, there are four rows of eight, ten, up to twenty holes. One man is put in every hole, both rows, except the right-hand end hole of the front row. Singletons are moved into an empty hole only, always, as in all these games, from left to right along the back row and from right to left along the front.

Men can be taken only from the back row hole opposite to the hole arrived at, and only if the corresponding hole of the opponent's front row be empty. Thus a player cannot take unless he is moving into an empty hole of his own front row facing an empty one in his opponent's; in which event he can only take the contents of the corresponding hole in the back row. A player may move or take only once each turn.

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