Msuwa (Manyanja)

Meredith G. Sanderson, Medical Officer, Nyasaland

Journal of the Royal Anthropological Insitute
London, 43, 1913, pages 726-736

[Note:The definitions are the same as for the game of Bau.]

[Page 735] This game is very similar to the Nsolo of the Angoni; it is played with a similar number of holes. It differs in two particulars: in the first place there is only one man in the hole next to the empty right hand end hole, at the commencement of the game; all others contain two as in Nsolo. The other point of difference is in the taking; thus, the contents of two other holes, either back or front row, are taken in addition to those in the two holes opposite to the hole arrived at.

Msuwa wa Kunja

This is a variation of Msuwa, and differs only in that no men are put in the front row at the commencement of the game. Two are put in every hole of the back row.

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