Video Village

Video Village Game

This early audience participation quiz show was telecast during 1960. The edition of the game pictured on the left was donated to the Museum in 1991. It was licensed by Milton Bradley Company, and produced in Canada by Somerville Industries.

The television show was a "living board game". The set was designed like a giant board game, and the contestants were the playing pieces. The night time version was replaced with a daytime version in 1961-62, and also with a Saturday morning children's version.

The box in which the actual board game pieces were housed is 46.5cm x 34cm x 5cm. The red and white cardboard game board is approximately the same size as the box. However, the playing pieces for insertion into slots in the game board were made of plastic of various colors. An oversized "bird cage" holds a pair of large dice, used for player chance movement around the board. There is an orange plastic three step bridge (6cm x 2cm) that is inserted into the board. There are two playing card holders - Black Card (2cm x 3cm) and Red Card (4cm 5cm) which offer players movement instructions, penalties, and prize choices. There are cutouts of a man and a woman which represent the players on the game board. There is a stack of paper money of various dominations used as prizes.

How The Game Is Played

The boxed game is played in much the same manner as the telecast. Here are the detailed instructions as to how both the boxed game and the telecast were played.

"A fun-filled, suspenseful game, played in a fabulous television town by two or more players. The game is quite simple (anyone can play . . . men, women, even children). It is played by two contestants who, ruled by luck (the roll of a die in a bird cage and the fortunes of the board), try to walk their way through the streets of VIDEO VILLAGE as quickly as they can, winning as many prizes and cash as possible. First contestant through plays the next opponent."


  1. Take the game board out of the box, and remove the die-cut part from the store windows.
  2. Raise the Bird Cage up into the upper slots in its stand with the red caps at the top and bottom. To operate: Using the handle, turn the cage upside down so that the Die in it tumbles into the lower half of it, landing on the red cap. Use the number uppermost on the Die for moving the playing pieces.
  3. Carefully break apart all of the cards. Turn all of them TITLE SIDE (the red printing) UP on a flat surface and mix them. There is an assortment of each kind so that no two games will be alike.
  4. Without looking at the reverse side, place the cards WITH ONLY THE RED TITLES SHOWING as follows:
  1. At the start of the game, the Banker has all the money.
  2. The extra cards are set aside to be used in the following games.

This game is played as "Video Village" is played on television.


  1. The game is played by two contestants at a time. Other players take part, one acts as Mayor, who is Master of Ceremonies and referees the game; and another as Banker, who holds the money and pays the contestants. There can be a partner for each contestant, who will turn the bird cage for him. Any other may join the group as the audience who vote on different decisions that must be made as the game is played. NOTE: When there are only two players refer to "Special Rules for Two Players."
  2. Players take turns playing. The one who rolls the higher number on the Die in the Bird Cage plays first.
  3. Each spot on the Die counts as one space.
  4. Players move from START, counting the $5 space as the first space.
  5. Something happens on every space on which a player lands.
  6. Banker pays the amount shown in these spaces when a player lands in one of them.

Last update May 31, 2010