Twelve O'clock High

12 O'clock Hight Box

The public was first introduced to the story of Twelve O'clock High during the close of World War II when the content was published as a novel. In 1949 it was offered as a major motion picture. It was first telecast in 1964 during "primetime" and continued to be until 1967. A number of well known motion picture actors appeared in these episodes.

As a game, it was first issued by the Milton Bradley Company in 1965, in the second year as a telecast drama.

The drama was about a "bombardment group" of the U.S. Air Force stationed near London, England during WW II. While each telecast was a different story about the bombing raids and narrow escapes over enemy territory, the principle characters were the same in each episode.

The Milton Bradley game is a derived playing card game of 40 playing cards. Instructions are printed in English.

Last update May 31, 2010