Space 1999

Space 1999 Game Box

Produced by the Milton Bradley Company in 1976, this game was donated to the Museum in 1981. The syndicated telecast was produced from 1974 through 1976 and included 48 episodes.

The plot centered about an accidental detonation of nuclear wastes stored on the moon - the subsequent explosion launched the moon base into space. The base became in effect - a spaceship.

Each episode was about the various intergalactic events "earthlings" encounter as they traveled through space as they attempted to find a habitable planet which could be their new home since they could not return to earth.

Of the very large cast, major members included:

Pictured at the top of the box is a "space ship". The moon base had a fleet of these ships. Various characters in the telecast were assigned to command and fly groups of these "ships". The intent of the boxed game drew upon some of the telecast episodes, and players of the game function as commanders of the ships with the task of being the first to land on an available planet.

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