Price Is Right Game

Price Is Right Game box

Donated to the Museum in 1991, this game produced by the Lowell Toy Company in 1958 is based upon a television game show which was telecast from 1957 though 1994.

Sometimes the telecasts were in evening prime time, sometimes in daytime versions or re-runs, and sometimes in syndicated versions.


On each telecast, four contestants from the audience competed with each other to try and guess the retail price of various merchandise. The contestant who came closest to the actual retail price won the merchandise.

The game box (33.2cm x 45.5cm x 4.5cm) pictured illustrates that the intent of this game for four persons is to see who can "outbid" their opponents. There are a variety of  devices in the box that are used in playing this game.

Price Is Right Game box inside

Within the box are the "bid recorder" (top center of box) - a plastic device with hand operated dials. This device is attached to a blue cardboard board (33cm x 45cm x 4cm) which sits in the bottom of the box.

The center bottom of the box holds cards which picture the merchandise on which a bid is made. Prize cards (in each upper corner of the box), an instruction booklet (lower left), and other equipment are included in the box.

Price Is Right Game box 2

Pictured on the left is a 2nd edition of the game produced in the United States by the Milton Bradley Company. This copy, donated to the Museum in 1991 is the Canadian edition produced by Somerville Industries.

This game box is somewhat smaller than the 1st edition. It is 33.2cm x 23.5cm x 3.5cm. This edition also includes paper money bills (10cm x 5cm).

The game itself is updated to reflect some of the changes in the telecast over the years. Consequently, this 2nd edition  includes equipment for four different games: The Range Game, The Temptation Game, The Money Game, The Double Prize Game.

Last update May 30, 2010