Masters of the Universe Game

Masters of the Universe Game

This bilingual game from the 1980s was donated to the Museum in 1991. The game is based upon the popular animated television show which was telecast from 1983 through 1985.

The hero of the story as most children know is He-Man. He is the most powerful man in the universe and his mission is to go against the evil forces of his nemesis Skeletor so that the Planet Eternia will be saved.

The game box (photograph on the left) indicates, this is a game for children ages five through ten. Two to six players can participate.

The intent of the game is to see which of the players can defeat Skeletor.

The television series was popular in the United States and twenty years later there are still fan clubs, DVDs of the original television shows still being manufactured, and production of play figures along with other after market objects generated by the notion of He-Man.

Last update May 29, 2010