The Fall Guy Game

Fall Guy TV Show Poster

From 1981 through 1986 Lee Majors (the "Six Million Dollar Man" in the 1970s) stared in his fifth prime time television series about a Hollywood stunt man who tracks down and captures bad guys.

The photograph to the left is an advertisement for the series illustrating auto stunts, helicopter stunts, kite stunts - with a smiling star in the center of it all.

Majors and Barr

In this televised adventure series, Majors was assisted in the telecast by his "inexperienced but eager" cousin "Howie Munson" - played by Douglas Barr who is pictured on the right.

In addition, Majors was assisted by a number of other Hollywood's stunt men and women.

One of the principal stunt women on the show was Heather Thomas who played "Jody Banks".

The Fall Guy Game Box

Milton Bradley Company issued The Fall Guy Game in the United States in 1982 and this copy was donated to the Museum in 1991.

The box cover features stylized photographs of Majors, Barr, and Tomas along with examples of the stunts that comprised some of the telecast content. The action of the game drew upon the content of the television series offering players an opportunity to "hunt and capture" the bad guys.

Last update May 25, 2010