Emergency Game

Emergency Game Box

This bilingual edition of the game was Issued by the Milton Bradley Company in 1973, and was donated to the Museum in 1991. The show was telecast from 1972 through 1977.

The plot centered on Squad 51 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Paramedical Rescue Service and the emergency staff of Rampart Hospital. The executive producer of the show was Jack Web of Dragnet fame, so the show had a documentary quality. Although each episode offered a "typical" day in the work of Squad 51 and the hospital emergency staff, the content of the plot varied with multiple interwoven stories in each episode  - some humorous, some tragic.

The repeating central characters were:

Emergency Game Board

The game board (photograph on the right) is a stylized "track board" map. The track wanders through of  "typical" neighborhoods in which Squad 51 might be called to help a citizen in trouble.

The starting place on the track is at the lower left of the board, and the finish place is the Rampart Hospital on the lower right of the board.

The track takes players to different sections of the board (via a chance device).

In each section there is an "emergency" such as in one of the plot of the telecast - everything from a child caught up in a tree to a factory which is on fire.

The task of each player is to "rescue" the people in each incident and then continue along the track to the next incident.

While the weekly primetime telecast ended in 1977, additional new two-hour movie versions of the show were telecast in 1978, and a cartoon version appeared on Saturday mornings from 1973 through 1976.

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