Dynomutt Game

Dynomutt Game Box

To the left is a photograph of the Milton Bradley Company bilingual edition of the Dynomutt Game. The game is based upon a popular Saturday morning children's cartoon telecast which ran from 1976 through 1978.

The game was donated to the Museum in 1991.

Although the telecast was a cartoon for "young people", note the tongue-in-cheek similarity to the Batman and Robin characters. On the right side of the box is the "wonder dog" Dynomutt dressed like his "playboy" owner Radley Crowne (a Bruce Wayne clone), and on the left side of the box they are pictured as "superheroes" with costumes and coloring reminiscent of  Batman and Robin.

The cartoon was a Hanna-Barbera creation, and the script was written by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. The voice of  Radley Crowne - the Blue Falcon - was Frank Weiker. The voice of Dynomutt was "Laugh-In" Gary Owens.

Dynomutt is a "bionic" dog with both transistors and mechanical innards. His major superpower was his ability to extend his arms to accomplish amazing feats. On the other hand he was subject to mechanical breakdowns and in each episode seemed to foul-up the efforts of his "sidekick", the Blue Falcon.

Dynomutt Game Board

The game board to the right includes a "pretzel" shaped track - an oddity in itself for game boards. Pictured on the board are various scenes from the television show.

The game starts on the track in the lower left where Randy and Dynomutt are dressed in their playboy clothes. The game finishes on the lower right of the track where the "heroes" are in their super character clothes.

The game is for two to four players who start on the track in the lower left corner. The finish is in the lower right corner. Each player is represented on the board with a plastic marker in the shape of a chess pawn - each of one color - red, blue, yellow, green.

Movement on the board is accomplished with the throw of a plastic red die with gold dots. Instructions indicate how players are impeded in reaching the finish.

Included are 16 white cardboard discs - 12 have pictures of Dynomutt printed on them, and 4 have pictures of the "evil villain" (pictured on the board in the upper left).

Last update May 25, 2010