Dukes of Hazzard Game

Dukes of Hazzard Game box

This game was produced by the Ideal Toy Company in 1981. It was based upon the adventure television show telecast from 1979 through 1985, and also an additional animated version telecast in 1983. The game was donated to the Museum in 1991.

The TV program that the game is based upon has been dubbed a "good ol' boys comedy". A country music star Waylon Jennings wrote and sung the show's theme song and served as the off-screen narrator accompanied by a fast-paced banjo. Luke, Bo, and Daisy were cousins and lived in "Hazzard County" which was "east of the Mississippi and south of the Ohio". In each episode the Duke's were "Robin Hood" types in opposition to Boss Hog. Hog was a corrupt local politician whose brother-in-law was the county sheriff.

The principles in the telecast pictured left to right on the game box were:

Dukes of Hazzard gameboard

Also shown on the box was the Duke's souped-up Dodge Charger which they called "General Lee". Also on the box (at the upper right) are the cars of the "dim-witted sheriff" who the Dukes always evaded.

According to Brooks & Marsh, although the "General Lee" was engaged in lots of chases and crashes, it never seemed to have a scratch on it. The reason they state (p289) was that more than 300 look-alike automobiles were wrecked during the series.

The game itself (as can be seen from the gameboard photograph on the right) features a convoluted track. The game is for 4 players who draw cards which send them around the track. Various instructions on the track complicate a player's chance of winning. At the upper right of the board is the Duke's farm and their sage uncle Jesse. Boss Hogg's house is illustrated on the lower left of the game board. Various areas around the board relate to aspects of the television episodes.

One interesting aspect of the saga of the "Dukes" is that years after the television program ended, one of its stars Tom Wopat, became a prominent broadway singing star.

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