Columbo Game

Columbo Game Box

This game issued by the Milton Bradley Company in 1973 was donated to the Museum in 1991.

This long-running intriguing mystery show was telecast from 1971 though 1993.

The only regular performer on the show was Peter Falk who played Lt. Columbo.  All the other principals were guest performers for each episode.

Lt. Columbo (we were never told his first name), wore a dirty old and rumpled trench coat, drove a beat-up old car, and  appeared to be ineffectual and muddled. As a member of the Los Angles detective force, he was actually, as the viewer found out, very shrewd and resourceful and he cleverly solved the mystery by the end of each show by talking to the characters in each show and amassing a number of clues.

The Milton Bradley game based upon the television show is a "role playing" game, and offers players an opportunity to "solve" mysteries by enacting the part of Lt. Columbo. The other players (one of whom is the murderer) try to prevent the Columbo player from solving the crime.

Last update May 25, 2010