Beat The Clock Game

Beat The Clock Game

This "party" game, based upon a television program in the United States, was manufactured by the Milton Bradley Company and issued in 1969. The copy in the photograph above was donated to the Museum in 1991. It was based upon a syndicated version of the television show which was telecast from 1969 to 1975.

The original show was telecast from 1950 though 1958, and an earlier version of this same game was manufactured by The Lowell Company in 1954. A number of different personalities were the "Emcee" for this show over the years. The first and longest running one was Bud Collyer - the last was Monty Hall.

On the television show, members of the audience competed for cash prizes by attempting to complete a number of "stunts" with one or more teammates. Each stunt was confined by a time limit - hence "Beat The Clock". These were typical old fashioned party games such as donning a pair of overalls and attempting to stuff a number of inflated balloons in the overalls without breaking any; or digging a series of marshmallows out of a bowl of Jell-O with a spoon held in the mouth, without dropping a marshmallow. At times the stunts required special equipment.

The game box pictured above includes a booklet detailing stunts that players can engage in, some special equipment that is used in certain stunts, and of course - a timing device.

Last update May 24, 2010