Barney Miller Game

Barney Miller Game

Parker Brothers issued the Barney Miller Game in 1977. This copy was donated to the Museum in 1991.

The show was telecast from 1975 until 1982. The content like many other sitcoms of the time, dealt with the humorous trials and tribulations of police Captain Barney Miller who was in charge of  a the station in Greenwich Village, a somewhat bohemian section of New York City. In addition to problems with his unique group of station-house officers, Miller also seemed to have a variety of issues to contend with at his home. However, the focus of the show was on the station-house officers. The game box (photograph above) pictures these officers and the table below explains which characters they played in the show, and the actors who played these roles.

Jack Soo Max Gail Ron Glass Abe Vigoda Hal Linden
Jack SooMax GailRon GlassAbe VigodaHal Linden

The Parker Brothers game is a playing card game that relates to the activity within the police station.

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