Baretta Box

Produced by the Milton Bradley Company in 1976, this board game was based upon a "hard action" television series that aired from 1975 through 1978.

Detective Tony Baretta (played by Robert Blake) was a street-wise loner, a master of disguise, who infiltrated gangs and "The Mob" in order to solve mysteries and bring a criminal to justice!

This edition pictured above was licensed to Somerville Industries Ltd. and was published in a bilingual edition for the Canadian market.

Baretta Game BoardA look at the game board photograph reveals that the game is not a new concept, but is a variation related to the television program content. The game is based upon the very old game of Parchisi.

The game is for two to four players. Each player starts by putting one marker (representing the player - a character in the television show) on to one of the four corners of the board. A pair of dice are used as a chance device. Moving around the board to the right, a player can enter one of the blue cross arms from landing on the rectangles below the arms.

At each turn, a player can either enter another marker or continue with the first one. Instructions included with the game explain the impediments to reaching the goal - which is the red center of the board, reached with all of the player's markers before another player does this.

Last update May 23, 2010