Banana Splits Game

Banana Splits Game Box

This children's cartoon first started out as a theater film created by the team of  Hanna- Babera and Sid and Marty Kroft in the 1960s. By 1968 it appeared on Saturday morning children's television and remained on television until 1972. During this period Hasbro produced the game and it appeared on the market. It was donated to the Museum in 1991. The four "Splits" appear to have quite a following and a number of Websites contain information about the group and the television show.  During the year 2000, the Cartoon Network in the United States begun to telecast episodes of the "Splits" once again.

Banana Splits Game Board

The photograph at the right is the game board. Each of the four characters are pictured in the corners of the board, while the entire group is illustrated in the middle of the board as a band. The group from left to right are:

The board appears to be a "single simple track" board game. Included with the board is a "spinner" and plastic markers. The game is for two to four players.

The first player places a marker on the beginning rectangle (at about the bottom center of the board), and then using the "spinner" determines the number of spaces on the track that the marker can be advanced. Various printed messages on the rectangles on the track indicate action for the player, i.e. - "go forward 2 spaces", etc. Each player in turn places a marker and uses the spinner. The intent of each player is to see who can reach the "finish" first - that's the area at the mid-upper right of the board which looks like a flower!

Last update May 23, 2010