Charlie's Angels Game

Charlie's Angels Game

This Milton Bradley bilingual game was issued in 1977 and donated to the Museum in 1991. It was based upon a television show which was telecast from 1976 thorough 1981.

The central character "Charlie" was never seen, only his voice was heard over the telephone. The voice was that of John Forsythe. His assistant (David Doyle) relayed messages and information from Charlie.

The "angels" were three police-trained detectives who worked for Charlie. Pictured on the right of the box were the three detectives:

Fawcett-Majors was replaced by Cheryl Ladd and Jackson was replaced by Shelly Hack and later by Tanya Roberts. Most of the cases the girls were assigned to investigate were set in glamorous backgrounds such as health spas and night clubs - all places where the detectives could be shown in designer clothes. Most of their cases involved solving murders. Over the years, the TV show has been telcast as re-runs. There has also been a major motion picture with an entirely different cast.

Charlie's Angels Game Board

In addition to scenes from the television show on the game board, note the infamous telephone in the lower right of the photograph - the telephone on which the angels received their orders and information from Charlie.

Sabrina was the multilingual leader of the angles. Jill was the athlete. Kelly was a former show girl who had "been around".

The game is a complex "track board game" with it's starting point (as in the telecast) at the telephone from which Charlie issues orders about the case.

The track is somewhat of a maze reflecting what happens to the angels in the stories on the telecast. A die used for chance movement on the board was included, as well as board markers and bilingual  instructions.

Landing on a pink circle entitled a player to a "clue" so that they could change directions in moving on the board and accumulate points toward winning the game.

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