Game: Who Will Be My True Love
(Detail from Brueghel's Painting)

Who Will Be My True Love

Information about this game is sparse. The game is thought to be played while a rhyme is sung or chanted. It has been suggested that the game may be a type of “kissing game” or “courtship game”. In any event, it does have a somewhat erotic connotation!

How The Game Is Played

From Brueghel's depiction of the game, a number of children sit huddled together on the ground. Someone is chosen as IT. The game begins by IT placing a sheet or large cloth over the children huddled together. While the cloth is in place IT chants the rhyme "Who Will Be My True Love". When the rhyme is finished, IT lifts the cloth.

What happens under the cloth, and what happens in the game after the cloth is lifted is not known at this time!

Last update February 10, 2010