Game: Heavy Heavy Hangs Over Your Head
(Detail from Brueghel's Painting)

Heavy Heavy

This is an ancient game that may have been derived from an ancient ritual.

How The Game Is Played

Any number can play. Someone is selected to be IT for the first round. IT stands in the center of the circle of players, and looks down at the ground. (In some versions of this game IT is blindfolded.)

One of the players chooses and holds an object over IT's head. The other players, using one hand, touch the object. Then all the players chant: "Heavy Heavy Hangs Over Your Head - Guess What It Is!"

IT tries to guess what the object is without looking. The others players are not suppose to stay quiet, but in some versions of the game, they may offer hints about what the object is.

If IT does guess correctly, then the person who chose the object becomes IT, and another round of the game is played. If IT does not guess what the object is, then IT becomes IT once again in the next round.

Last update February 9, 2010