(Detail from Brueghel's Painting)

Leap Frogt

This is a game for two teams. Normally, the same number of players are on each team. One team is at first the “frogs”.

Each player on the "frog" team stands in a line and bends over holding on to his knees or ankles as depicted in Brueghel's painting.

The second team lines up and quickly tries to run and jump over all of the “frogs”. A “frog” may make this difficult by arching his back or shifting position.

At the end of a run, the teams change positions. Points are given to each team for each player on the team who successfully leaps over all the frogs of the other team. Depending upon the players, points may be deducted from a team for a player who "lands" on a "frog" and knocks him over.

Last update February 9, 2010