(Detail from Brueghel's Painting)

Origins of this game go back to ancient times - and originally the game may have been part of some tribal rite.

Blind Man's Buff

Played in many parts of the world today, in some versions the player who is IT has the name of an animal and wears a symbol of the animal, in other versions there is also a rhyme about "a spoon and porridge".

How The Game Is Played

Any number can play. IT is blind-folded, and is then spun around. Sometimes a rhyme is used during spinning IT. After the spinning, everyone scatters within a predefined area. IT tries to catch any player by touching them. If a player is caught, that player become IT.

In one version of the game IT (still blind-folded) feels the face of the person who is caught and tries to identify who it is. If IT guesses correctly, the person identified becomes IT. If IT doesn't identify the person, then the game begins again with the same person as IT.

Last update February 7, 2010