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What are Guiding Principles?

Guiding principles are like a moral compass that helps steer your decisions, planning, and practices towards becoming more age friendly. Our five guiding principles serve as the foundation for an age friendly community.

Why use Guiding Principles?

Creating an age friendly community is more complex than simply checking off items on a list. Checklists are great tools but before we check off these items, we need to consider a guiding philosophy that shows we care about all citizens. Guiding principles also help to ensure that age friendly initiatives are sustainable over time.

What are the 5 Guiding Principles for an Age Friendly Community?

Through our own learning, we have identified five guiding principles for becoming age-friendly. Some may already be included in your mission statement or philosophies. Others might be a new way to direct your communities to become more age-friendly. Our 5 guiding principles are:

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Using the Principles (Values Clarification) (coming soon)
Sample Terms of Reference (University of Manitoba Age-Friendly Communities)