What are Building Blocks?

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The three building blocks – An Informed Society, an Enabling and Supportive Environment, and Personal, Social and System connectedness are the practical components of building age friendly communities.

Click on each building block (see the blue panel at the top of the page) to view:

  • a brief description of the building block
  • reflective questions that can help your group identify the strengths of your community and where the gaps might be
  • additional tips and strategies that will help you answer the reflective questions

Why Use Reflective Questions?

  • Creating an age friendly community is more complex than checking items off from a checklist. A more holistic and reflective approach is needed
  • Reflective questions allow for deeper thinking to occur
  • The process of collectively working through reflective questions allows for relationships to build through developing a shared understanding of multiple of perspectives
  • This format also helps the focus to not only be on the end results or outcomes, but also on the process
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    The three building blocks serve as the main structure of an age friendly community. For more information about each building block, click the title located in the blue panel at the top of the page.

Key Points When Using Reflective Questions

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