SCRABBLE (Deluxe Edition)

Deluxe Scrabble

The Deluxe Edition of the game of Scrabble first appeared about 1950. This edition was also produced by Selchow & Righter, and is similar to the standard edition. The main difference is in the materials used for this edition. The cardboard container box (not pictured) is about twice the size of the standard edition box.

The Deluxe Board

The board is divided into the same 225 cells but does not fold in half. It is pasted onto a wood backing, and is covered with a clear hard plastic film that is ridged along each cell. The ridges act as frames in which a player places a tile. The frames prevent accidental movement of tiles when the board is rotated. In the center of the back of the board is a raised portion that enables the board to be rotated on a table so the bottom of the board always faces the appropriate player - much like a "lazy-susan tray" on a buffet.

The Racks and Tiles

The 4 "racks" are similar to the standard wooden racks, except the "deluxe" racks are made of a hard black plastic. Metal pins are used by each player on the top of the racks to keep track of their score. The "tiles" (in a pile at the top right of the photograph) are not made of wood as in the "standard edition", but are made of a white plastic. Letters and values are embossed in the tiles rather than printed. Nevertheless, the tile distribution is the same as in the standard American English edition.

Last update June 1, 2010