Hockey Games

Standard Hockey Puck

In 1993, David Plouffe, a staff member of the Museum and a graduate student at the University of Waterloo, conducted research which examined six physical types of hockey games other than the standard game played on an indoor ice rink or in the out-of-doors. The photograph to the left is of a standard contemporary hockey puck in the collection.

Plouffe determined that these "other" games took a number of forms - mechanical, self-propelled, playing card, board games, electronic games, and computer games. Thus, the information provided in this section of the Website is drawn in the main from Plouffe's research for his thesis Hockey Games: Material Culture and Canadian Heritage.

Plouffe reported that more than 80 different hockey games were produced and marketed in North America between 1867 and 1993. Over 50 of these games were produced or patented in Canada, and the balance had their origins in the United States or Europe. A number of the games are in the collection.

An early computer version of a hockey game was produced by Odessey as a TV Console game. To see a page about this interesting interactive game, click here: TV Console Hockey Game.

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All Star HockeyBox HockeyDraft Choice
All Star Hockey
Box Hockey Draft Choice
Face OffHe ScoresLucky Puck
Face Off
He Scores Hockey Game Box
Lucky Puck Game
Munro HockeyNational Pro HockeyStanley Cup
Munroe Hockey Game
National Pro card
Stanley Cup Hockey Game

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