World War II Play Kit

World War II Play Kit

Donated to the collection in 1981 the photograph at the left is a multi-game kit issued to US military personnel in the 1940's, during World War II.

The kit was manufactured for the US government by Welcraft, Inc., New York City.

The photograph shows the game components of this kit. On the right is a brown colored plastic container about 34.5cm long x 10.5cm wide x 2cm thick.The container folds up and can be closed using a snap on the upper flap and outer side.

Within the container is a loop at on the top which holds a standard deck of playing cards which can be used for a variety of games.

In the center of the photograph is a standard 8x8 checkered cardboard matrix 17.5cm square. This game board can be used to play chess or checkers. It folds into four and is stored in the brown plastic container in the lower pocket behind the white game instruction booklet.

On the left of the photograph are two rectangular tubes 8cm long x 2cm wide x 1.75cm high which hold two sets of plastic chips. The tubes are in two parts, the chips are placed in the bottom of the tubes, and a top is placed over the bottom to hold the chips in place. The tubes fit into the brown plastic container into a loop below the deck of playing cards. The chips are 1.5cm in diameter x .25cm thick. One side of each set is blank and can be used for playing checkers, while the other side of each chip features a standard set of chess symbols embossed in gold.

Last update February 24, 2010