Video Chess

Atari Chess Game

In 1975, the Atari Corporation, maker of electronic video arcade games introduced their television console game system for the home market called "The Atari Video Computer System".

Atari Chess Cartridge

A "slot" in the control unit of the system accepted a game "cartridge". These cartridges included computer circuits with permanent software instructions for one or more games. To see photographs and details about the Atari Console, please click on the item in the left menu.

Many of the cartridges were scaled down versions of Atari's successful stand-alone video arcade games, but one of the cartridges designed for home use on a television screen was a video chess set for one player - a game not available in an arcade.

Though not sitting across from an other player at a table, but looking at a television screen, the player's opponent was the Atari computer console and the player would be able to play a standard game of chess with this opponent.

Using a "joy-stick" to control the movement of the pieces on the screen, winning was dependent upon a player's knowledge and skill at the game of chess.

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