3D Chess Set

Three D  set

Purchased for the collection in 1975, from Scientific Demonstrators, Inc., Eugene Oregon, the photograph at the left is of a very difficult version of the game of chess. While a standard game of chess can be played on the top level, considerable ability is required to play the game using all five levels.

Instructions with the set indicate that while a piece may move in it's normal horizontal mode, it may also move in the same direction in a vertical mode. Thus, for example while a pawn may move one rank forward, it can also move one rank up or down (depending upon the level it is on). The queen on the other hand may normally move in a rank as many cells as necessary across the board to take an opponent's piece, but in this game the queen may also move as many cells up or down as is necessary to take an opponent's piece. As can be imagined, playing requires lots of concentration and observation upon the part of the players.

The overall dimensions of the game are 30.7cm high by 19.6cm wide by 17.2cm deep. The wooden frame is composed of a hollow box at the base that is open at the front and is 6.5cm high by 19.6cm wide by 17.2cm deep. This box holds a drawer that is 14.3cm wide by 15.2cm deep in the hollow area. The drawer as can be seen is used to store the chess pieces. This brass knobbed drawer is lined with blue felt, as is the bottom of the box at the base.

Attached to the box at the base are two wooden uprights, attached with three brass screws on each side. Running along the inside of both uprights are five cut slots or grooves, the first being 1.2cm from the top and the next four are each 5cm apart.

There are five clear plastic playing boards, each 17.8cm square by .3cm thick. Each board features the standard 8x8 chess matrix alternating in blue and clear cells. Each of these boards slides into the grooves of the uprights and are held there during play of the game.

Included with the set are 32 stylized European chess pieces - one side made of a red colored plastic and the other of a white colored plastic. The bottom of each piece is covered with green felt.

Along with the chess pieces, the set includes 12 blue and 12 cloudy-clear plastic discs 1.3cm in diameter by .5cm high. These discs can be used to play a standard game of "checkers" or a 3D game as well on the five levels. The discs can also be used to play a variety of other games that can be played on an 8x8 checkered matrix.

Last update February 24, 2010