A Chippewayan Bilboquet Game

Chippewayan Bilboquet

How to play the game

This Bilboquet is a a ring and pin game. It is a stylized version of a North American Indian game. The intent of the game is to throw the untethered ring into the air and catch it on the pointed end of the pin as the ring falls.

About The Equipment

This Bilboquet was purchased by the Museum in 1975 from Chippewayan Authentics in Belcourt, North Dakota. The game is machine made of painted particle board. The pin is in the shape of a stylized turtle and is 28.8cm long x 10.5cm wide x .6cm thick. Green paint is used on the surface to suggest turtle markings. The stylized tail is elongated to form a handle, while the head is elongated into the shape of a triangle in order to form the "pin". The "ring" is a particle board disc 7.8cm in diameter with a 2cm hole in the center.

Last update March 3, 2010