The game of Stratego is a military strategy game for two players, modeled somewhat on the game of Chess.

It was produced in 1960-61 by the Milton Bradley Company.

The box (photo upper left) is 24cm long x 48.5cm wide x 4cm thick, and the drawing on the lid features two men playing the game. On the inside of the box lid are printed instructions as to how to play the game. Within the box is a plastic tray 23.5cm long x 25cm wide x 3cm high with a picture of a family playing the game (right side of photo). The tray is a storage area for components used in the game. These playing pieces can be seen lined-up inside the tray.

The game components are 80 plastic pieces - 40 red and 40 blue. Each piece is shaped like a castle turret with an "H" shaped base. On each side of each piece is a colored symbol in gold (red army) or silver (blue army) indicating the rank of each piece.

The ranks for each army include: 1 marshal, 1 general, 2 colonels, 3 majors, 4 captains, 4 lieutenants, 4 sergeants, 5 miners, 8 scouts, and 1 spy. Some pieces have other symbols; for each army these are 1 flag and 6 bombs.

The playing surface (photo lower left) is a 46.7cm long x 40cm wide x .2cm thick board made of cardboard that can be folded in half for storage in the box. Superimposed over a green landscape with a center picture of 2 water holes is a 10x10 black-lined matrix or grid. On the bottom border of the board are a series of 12 white squares with pictures of the playing pieces.

The game was donated to the Museum in 1981. This copy has the copyright number 695583.

Last update March 5, 2010