Parker Brothers, manufacturer of Blockhead, donated two sets to the collection in 1976. blockhead Box

The photograph on the box illustrates the intent of the game. The game may be played by one person, or by two or more players who alternate placing a single block of their choice on the pile, building the pile - attempting to keep the structure standing. The cardboard box is 18cm square by 5cm high and includes printed instructions,

Since the blocks are of different shapes and sizes, each block is of a different weight. Thus maintaining a balance is somewhat problematic. The more one plays the game, the more adventuresome one may become in placing a block.


Multiple players, when playing with two sets attempt to build the structure in the same manner, but because they have use of two sets of blocks, as the structure grows... balance becomes more precarious.

The 20 blocks in each set are made of a soft, light wood. Colors and shapes of the blocks vary. Some are rectangular, some are dowels of different diameters, some are triangles, while others are a range of shapes.

Last update March 4, 2010