Go To The Head Of The Class


The photograph at the left is a copy of the eleventh version of this Milton Bradley game. It was donated to the Museum in 1982. One reference indicates that the seventh version of this game was issued in 1955. Whitehill indicates that this boxed game was first issued in 1938, and is now published by Hasbro, Inc.

The game is a question and answer quiz type game and each "series" features different questions. Thus, periodically since 1938 a new "series" was issued every few years.


There are three levels of play in each series - a "student" level for younger children; a "scholar" level for older children, and a "graduate" level of teenagers and adults.

Concentration game parts

The photograph above shows the board for the game. All "pupils' (players) start in kindergarten and move from desk to desk, grade to grade, until one reaches the "Head Of The Class". According to one description of the game:

Moving forward requires a little knowledge, a bit of wit, and a dash of luck. Land on a desk with a 'homework' assignment and you might get a good grade, and move further ahead, or be sent back if your 'grade" is poor.

On the game board are rows of desks with each row representing a grade. Some desks are marked "Pop Quiz", or "Homework", or "Exam". Each of these have a special role to play in the game. Each player moves from desk to desk as they answer questions and they might "land on" one of these special desks.

Memory Match

In addition to the game board, the other game equipment includes the playing pieces which are pictured in the photograph at the left. There are also 3 colored dice - red, black, and white - and a "Quiz Booklet".

Each player selects a playing piece. The "oldest player" rolls a die to determine where their piece will be placed on the board, and then the others do the same. No two pieces can occupy the same desk! Then each player in turn throws the three dice. The red die indicates the category number, and the other two dice represent the question in the category.

The "Quiz Booklet" is divide into six subjects by page. There are also "Pop Quiz" pages and "Exam" pages. On each page there are three columns of questions which correspond to the level of the player. "Student" questions are easiest, "Scholar" questions are moderately difficult, and "Graduate" questions are "challenging"!

The oldest player should serve as the "teacher" - the one who asks the questions. A reasonable time should be provided for each player to answer their question. If after this time has elapsed, and they have not answered, the "teacher" will tell them if they are correct. The answers are in the "Quiz Booklet".

Last update March 5, 2010