War Games
donated by De Gre Family

Game Name Alternate Name Producer Year
1776 American Revolutionary War Avalon Hill 1974
1914 World War I Strategy Game Avalon Hill 1968
Afrika Korps WW II Desert Campaign 1941 Avalon Hill 1963
Battleship Electronic Battleship Milton Bradley 1983
Blitzkrieg Lightning Warfare Game 1939 Avalon Hill 1965
Civil War American Heritage Game Milton Bradley 1960
D-Day World War II Invasion Game Avalon Hill 1961
Dogfight Air Battle Game WW I 1914 Milton Bradley 1963
Epaminondas Greek Phalanx 371 BC Philmar Ltd. 1975
Feudal Game of Siege & Conquest 3M Company 1969
Franco-Prussian War   SimPubs 1972
Frigate Sea War in the Age of Sail SimPubs 1974
Gettysburg US Civil War Battle Game1865 Avalon Hill 1959
Guerilla   Philmar Ltd. 1976
Imperialism   Flying Buffalo 1974
Intermedium Stepping Stones Philmar Ltd. 1976
Jutland 1941   Avalon Hill 1967
Kreiegspiel   Avalon Hill 1970
Lancer   Waddington 1973
L'Attaque The Attack - WWI H.P. Gibson  
Le Grade Armee Campaigns of Napoleon SimPubs 1972
Midway Naval Air Battle Game 1942 Avalon Hill 1964
Napoleon Waterloo Campaign Game 1815 Gama Two 1974
Napoleon - Battle of Borodino Napoleon in Russia 1812 SimPubs 1972
Napoleon - Battle of Nations Napoleon vs Europe SimPubs 1972
Napoleon At War Marengo SimPubs 1975
North Cape Norway 1939 Lonnie L. Gill 1978
Origins of WW II Diplomacy 1935-39 Avalon Hill 1971
Panzer Blitz Russia 1941 Avalon Hill 1970
Ploy   3M Company 1976
Probe Word Game Parker Broth 1964
Rifle & Saber Tactical Combat 1850-1900 SimPubs 1973
Russian Civil War   SimPubs 1976
Stalingrad Campaign In Russia 1941-45 Avalon Hill 1963
Tactics II   Avalon Hill 1973
Task Force Naval Operations in the 1980s SimPubs 1981
Victory In The Pacific War At Sea 1945 Avalon Hill 1977
War At Sea Search For The Bismark 1941 Avalon Hill 1976
Wooden Ships US Bicentenial War Game Avalon Hill 1975

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