Game Box

A game for Three to Nine Players


The equipment consists of a checking chart, ten wooden houses representing targets, and ten wooden pieces to represent anti-aircraft guns. There are eight cards which are duplicates of the checking chart, a number of red counters to record hits, and a number of black counters to record misses.


A player is selected to be Checker. This player is Checker for all of the games, or it may be decided that the winner of one game becomes the Checker for the next. The Checker places the chart on a table where it cannot be readily seen by the other players. He then arranges the ten houses and ten guns in any manner he may wish, putting each one on a red dot. The other players are given a card and five red and ten black counters each. The Checker retains all counters left over.

Game Equipment


The nearest player to the left of the Checker indicates any position he may have on his card by calling out a letter and a number, for example B5 or A9, etc. The Checker finds this position on his chart and calls back the result. If it is an unoccupied dot, he simply calls back “MISS”, and the player who called the position marks it on his card with a black counter. If there should be a house on the dot, the checker says “HIT”, and the player records this on his card with one of his red counters. However, if there is a “GUN” on the position, the Checker calls out “GUN”, and the player calling this dot loses a bomb by returning a red counter to the Checker. When the first player has called a position and indicated the result, the next player calls a letter and number, and so on. The first player to score three hits wins, and if arranged may take over the checking chart for the next game. The houses and guns are always reassigned at the start of each game, and all the players supplied with the right number of counters. When a house has been hit, it is removed from the chart and its former position replaced with a black counter. This is so that the Checker can verify the hits of the winner at the end of the game. Once a house has been hit and removed from the board, this position is a “MISS” for any other player who might chance to call it later in the game. The guns are not removed and always cause the loss of a bomb, no matter how many times they are called.

As the winner needs three hits, no player can afford to lose more than two bombs. If he should lose three he is automatically out of the game. It all the players lose three bombs each, the game is counted as a draw and a new came is started.

Manufactured in Canada by THE COPP CLARK CO. LIMITED, Toronto, Canada

Last update June 22, 2010