Inuit Wrestling

Sorosilutoo Wrestling Sketch

As everyone knows, there are many different kinds of wrestling contests. This drawing by Sorosilutoo and titled Panguatut is from Cape Dorset on Baffin Island (Government of Canada: Ministry of Indian & Northern Affairs, 1975, #QS-8050-000-BB-A1).

On Holman Island the Inuit there call a similar type of wrestling Una Tar Tuq. The intent of this type of wrestling is for two opponents to stand face-to-face with their arms around one another and their feet flat on the floor (or ground). The object is then for one opponent to lift the other!

Additional Inuit wrestling contests include a type of Leg Twist Wrestling. In this contest, two players lie on their sides, facing each other with their feet touching. One foot of each contestant is braced heel to toe against the opponents opposite foot, while the other foot is hooked around the opponents opposite foot. Hands are clasped under knees, and only using the hooked foot, one opponent attempts to turn the other opponent over!

Last update June 20, 2010