Games on Playing Cards

Old Maid

This page offers general information about games on playing cards. These are not the games one plays with a standard deck of suited playing cards, such as Bridge, Poker, Skat, Jass, etc. Rather, these are individual games that could have been manufactured as board games, tile games, etc.

Because of the flexibility of a playing card deck during use and the small space in which decks can be stored, it is not surprising that game manufacturers selected a playing card format for some games as early as the 19th century. Some manufacturers later decided that instead of marketing certain games in their usual format (for example - as tile games), they would issue some games in a playing card format. Still later, in order to cater to the children's market, some games that might be played with standard suited playing card decks, were redesigned as individual games on playing cards. Even dissected puzzles could lend themselves to a playing card format.

It seems the possibilities for adaptation to the playing card format is endless. Thus, the Museum collection houses a number of games in a playing card format.

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ABC-SpeletAnimal FamiliesA-V-M
Archie BunkerAuthorsBeverly Hillbillies
Archey Bunker Game box Authors Box Beverly Hillbillies Game Box
Black PeterCanada's HeroesCartoons
Little Feather Box
Flinch Box
Hearts Box
Illya KurakinJoker is WildJinx
Kuriakan Box Joker Wild Box
Kardjong Box
LogomachyLost HeirMcGraw
Logomachy Box
Lost Heir Box
Mille BornesMineboggleMusta
Mille Bornes Box
Old MaidPitPoems
Pit Box
Racko Box
Rook RummySnap
Rummy Box
Totem Box Touring Box

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