Game Sets Designed for
People with Visual Limitations

Bingo set

Some traditional and popular game equipment has been produced for players with visual or manipulative limitations. In each of the examples from the collection, note that Braille markings have been added for use of players who can "read" Braille.

The wooden Bingo "card" pictured on the left is an example. The wooden tiles in the plastic bag on the upper left of the photograph are used to cover the numbers as they are called. Each number is covered with a plastic coating on which the Braille equivalent of the number is embossed. While these modifications have been made for players who can read Braille, the recessed numbers enable a person who has some manipulative limitations to more easily use such a "card" without fear of displacing the tiles on a flat surface.

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Chess Set
Braille chess set
Dominoes Set
Braille Dominoe Set
Racko Set
Braille Racko Set
Scrabble Set
BrailleScrabble Set
Playing Cards
Braille Playing Cards
Cribbage Board
Cribbage board

Last update June 11, 2010